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Margin trading Moonshot Monday: Creampye (PYE). WhiteBit and ProBit going live next week. Hacken audit passed. Augmented reality, PYEcharts, NFT Marketplace, and CEX/DEX exchange. $138k charity donation made, whitepaper published. Entire team showed faces & business address listed publicly. Are you listening yet?
Finland 0 BTC 98,904.41 AWG 0%-1%

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Reputation system,
11% of the total amount of BTC traded worldwide using LocalBitcoin were traded in Venezuela (63 of 533). This week there was a 9 BTC increase from last week. Traded amount was 9,130,000,000,000 Bs. (Bolivares ISO VES). MONTHLY minimum wage is 10,000,000 Bs. 1 USD is 2,847,000 Bs. so around 3.5 USD
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